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CSSC Mornington Peninsula

CSSC Mornington Team

Combined SLEEP APNOEA CLINIC in Melbourne


Mr Nalaka de Silva an ENT Surgeon and  Dr Juan Mulder a Respiratory Physician have collaborated to bring you the Combined Specialists Sleep Apnoea Clinic (CSSC) to the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne . CSSC is a sleep clinic with a surgical focus for patients who are better suited for surgical treatment options 

At the sleep clinic, patients will undergo a comprehensive combined evaluation from a respiratory and a surgical specialist point of view including a video assessment of the airway. The two specialist’s clinical findings will then be correlated with the patient's sleep study results. The patient will be presented with all of the findings and possible methods of managing their condition comprehensively considered and discussed.
Latest Sleep Apnea Surgery, at times combination with medical treatment options, will be presented to the patient. If the patient and family wish to proceed with treatment, they then can make the final decision on which avenue best suits themselves and their lifestyle, in their tailored treatment and recovery process.

Due to modern surgery and combination therapy we have been able to find a successful solution for over 85% of those attending CSSC. (2019-2021 audit view links below for further details and discussion of our results).

You Need The Following to be Seen at CSSC

1) CSSC is reserved for those who have confirmed OSA with a recent sleep study and are surgical candidates (no prior tonsillectomy, no major co-morbidities and wish for surgery)

2) Sleep Study: Fill the sleep study form with your GP and contact closest sleep service provider, listed in the form.

3) GP referral: Referral addressed to both Dr Juan Mulder and Mr Nalaka de Silva

Those with complex sleep disorders and those patients better suited for non-surgical options should be referred directly to Dr Juan Mulder. Uninsured patients should be referred to Mr de Silva's Regular ENT clinic. CSSC is reserved for surgical patients wishing for surgery at Peninsula Private Hospital.


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