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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The estimated overall cost of inadequate sleep in Australia in 2016–2017 was $45.21 billion.

A study was done using prevalence, financial, and nonfinancial cost data derived from national databases.

Losses were due to

A)FINANCIAL COSTS associated with health care, informal care, loss of productivity , non medical work and accidents and costs, loss due to inefficiencies relating to lost taxation revenue and welfare payments; and

B) NON FINANCIAL COSTS: loss of well-being

Interestingly direct Heath costs was 160 million, where as indirect costs due to loss of productivity and well being was 45 Billion.

CSSC MORNINGTON propose that the health system increase their spending at the Primary Heath Care level. We have commenced a multi-disciplinary (MDT) at peninsula Private Hospital.

Due to the unique collaboration between surgeon and physician, CSSC has delivered outstanding results to sleep apnoea patients in Melbourne.

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Disclaimer: The material and information contained in this website is is for general general purpose or in addition to what was provided for patients during their consultation. You should not rely upon the material in this website as basis for decision making

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