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Mornington Peninsula

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Mornington Peninsula ENT ( MPENT ) has been established since 2012. In 2018 we increased our services with the commencement of a combined Specialist Sleep Clinic.

For adults with sleep apnea, Mr Nalaka de Silva and Dr Juan Mulder conduct a monthly Combined Specialists Sleep Clinic ( CSSC ) where patients undergo a comprehensive assessment followed by a tailored holistic treatment plan. Treatments offered by the sleep apnoea clinic include most modern Sleep Apnoea Surgery as well as CPAP and Mouth Guards and other devices.


Due to the combination of treatment, we have achieved over 85% success. Over 90% of those who underwent surgery have avoided a CPAP Mornington machine (view links for further details and discussion of our results).



Best is to contact us by phone. Please inform if you wish to be seen in Dr Nalaka de Silva's clinic or wish to be seen in the Combined Specialist Sleep Clinic with both the doctors.

Suite 4, 525 McClelland Drive, Frankston

Opening Hours Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm

ph    0397893636

fax    0397893096


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