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SLEEP APNEA SURGERY and Snoring Surgery 

Sleep Apnea Surgery               CPAP                                   Mouth-Guards                  Combination Therapy

How to be seen in the CSSC Sleep Clinic

CSSC Mornington Peninsula is an advanced sleep clinic with a surgical focus in Mt Eliza. Sleep surgeons will collaborate with sleep physicians to bring you latest sleep solutions. You need the following to be seen at CSSC.

1) CSSC is reserved for those who have confirmed OSA with a recent sleep study and are surgical candidates (no prior tonsillectomy, no major co-morbidities and wish for surgery). The patients will be triaged again and allocated the most suitable clinic, if needed, referred to the sleep physician clinic.

2) Sleep Study: Fill the sleep study form with your GP and contact closest sleep service provider, listed in the form.

3) GP referral: Referral addressed to both Dr Juan Mulder and Mr Nalaka de Silva

Those who wish for non surgical options pl contact: Peninsula Sleep and Respiratory Physicians.Please plan your sleep study at least 4 weeks prior to the clinic.

Children and ENT Conditions

Just as adults children can also suffer from sleep disordered breathing often related to their Tonsils and Adenoids (link). We provide care for children with Ear Nose Throat condtions as well as for other General ENT conditions. 

Snoring in Children

Ear Infections in Children

Sino Nasal Obstruction

Chronic Ear conditions

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